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The Town of Nikiti in Chalkidiki

Nikiti (Νικήτη, in Greek) is a beautiful traditional beach town located 90 kilometers south-east from Thessaloniki on the Chalkidiki peninsula in Macedonia, Greece. It is the perfect destination for both family holidays and quiet romantic getaways.

Nikiti is one of Chalkidiki’s treasures, famous for its coastline. The old part of Nikiti is located on the hilly area a few hundred meters from the beach, with a church at the highest point of the town. In the 1950s the town started to expand downwards to the coast significantly. Today, many new vacation houses are built there. The most important economic sector in Nikiti is tourism. Other important economic activities in Nikiti are beekeeping and olive growing.

Nikiti is the vacation destination that the entire family will love. It offers family-friendly activities and is situated at the center of Chalkidiki, in close proximity of many amazing beaches. Experience unforgettable family vacations in one of our houses in Nikiti.

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