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Looking for the perfect holiday at the right price? Visit the family-friendly town of Nikiti in Chalkidiki, ideally located right on one of Sithonia's most beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. It is an ideal retreat for couples or families with children who enjoy a relaxed vacation style.

Whether you're looking for a romantic vacation or family trip, Chalkidiki Summer Houses will make your summer vacation simple and affordable with a touch of luxury. Our vacation houses and apartments in Nikiti accommodate up to 6 people and provide a safe and quiet holiday property to our guests.

Chalkidiki is a popular destination for couples and families, by presenting an interesting mix of coastline, countryside and culture. Enjoy perfect summer holidays in Nikiti.

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Chalkidiki Summer Houses

Παραλία Νικήτης

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Τηλ +30 2375023044

Tηλ +30 6974834218

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