Summer Holidays in Chalkidiki

Chalkidiki (or Halkidiki or Chalcidice or Chalkidike or Χαλκιδική) is a peninsula of Greece. In summer, chalkidiki is a popular tourist destination, known for its lovely sandy beaches, nightlife, resorts, vacation rentals and camping spots. It has three small peninsulas, known as "three legs", that stretch into the North Aegean Sea.

Sithonia is the leg located south of the central part of Chalkidiki. The Kassandra leg lies to the west and the Mount Athos leg at the east. The seat of the municipality is the town of Nikiti, ideal for family vacations. The capital of Chalkidiki is the town of Polygyros, located in the centre of the peninsula.

 Chalkidiki is the place where summer vacation ideas become true.

An ideal place for every summer vacation.

The best holidays destination.

A summer dream.

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Chalkidiki Summer Houses

Παραλία Νικήτης

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